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Russia, Volgograd

Hero-city Volgograd, the former Stalingrad, whose name is inscribed in the most bloody milestones of the history of the Great Patriotic War, is one of the most beautiful cities on the Volga. To visit here, to touch the history of your country - the "duty" of every citizen of the Russian Federation. Combine the competitive, interactive and excursion program within the international contest-festival "Open pages. Volgograd"!

Republic of Belarussia, Minsk

At the confluence of two rivers - Nemiga and Svisloch - about 900 years ago a surprisingly beautiful and picturesque city of Minsk appeared, which pleases everyone with its hospitality, spaciousness and grandeur. The capital of the Republic of Belarus will again take part in the international festival "Slavonic Meetings". On the stage of the famous Veterans Palace, the contestants will enter a creative contest for the title of laureate of the Grand Prix! The event will bring together famous figures of culture and art, recognized stage masters and famous artists. Participants of the contest will be able to attend free master classes, and their teachers - round tables. Minsk is waiting for you! Our foreign festival will be a worthy contribution to the money box of a young artist.

Россия, г. Великий Новгород

Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in our country. The first mention of it is dated to the IX century. In Russia, Veliky Novgorod was called "the father of Russian cities," this city retained its venerable title to this day. The age and rich history is evidenced by the abundance of sights and museums that show artifacts of past eras. The architectural dominant of Veliky Novgorod is the Kremlin - Detinets. The unique monuments of the pre-Mongol period, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Saint Sophia Cathedral, dated to the 11th century, the Yaroslavovo fortified settlement and the ancient bazaar, the Gostiny Dvor deserve to be visited. In Veliky Novgorod there is a monument to the Millennium of the Russian Statehood, which represents a consistent exposition of the main landmarks of the development of our state, depicts prominent political events and landmark people in the history of the country.

Pushkinskie Gory

Mikhailovskoye - is a special place in the history of Russian literature and history. Here A. Pushkin spent the most creative years, here the poet found his last shelter. To touch the history of our country, to perform on the modern stage of the Great concert hall of the scientific and cultural center of the State Pushkin Museum - all these abilities will have the participants of out contest!

Russia, Kazan

Kazan is a city with a thousand-year history, absorbed in the color of two different world cultures: the wise east and the rational west. Kazan is often called the city of contrasts, here the ancient architecture is harmoniously complemented by the modern one, strengthening the atmosphere with its unusual picturesqueness. Kazan along with the Kremlin, mosques, churches and rich museums, is a unique tourist attraction along the Volga and is on the list of World Heritage cities, awarded with UNESCO diplomas and medals. It is a city of theaters, museums, a city of music, international festivals, the richest libraries and the latest technologies. Ancient Kazan is in step with the times and has all the advantages of the city of the XXI century.

Russia, Suzdal

Suzdal - a legendary city with a rich history, a city-reserve, part of the Golden Ring of Russia. This is one of the few cities where Russian architecture remains. Ancient Russian city is literally permeated with the spirit of the past, its land is stored by the distant echo of the Rusich's life. Perhaps, therefore, the city is one of the most cinematic cities in Russia. Its streets, domes, monastery walls and streets with ancient houses and massive gates are visible in a variety of films such as "The Tsar", "The Ballad of the Soldier", "The Living and the Dead", "The Wedding of Balzaminov", "Andrei Rublev", "Strange people", "Finist is a clear falcon", "My tender and tender beast", "Peter's Youth", "Young Russia","Wizards", "Silver Revue", "Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius" and many others. The sights of Suzdal amaze with its grandeur and inflexibility before the passage of time. Guests of Suzdal tell about the city as a wonderful place, where you fully relax your soul.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Romance of the White Nights’ poetry fills the avenues and streets of St. Petersburg, where you can gaze upon the beauty of this city in all its multifarious colours. The participants of the international contest-festival - "Sounds and colors of the white nights" will enter the space conducive to cultural growth, creative disclosing and spiritual enrichment. Your inner world will be filled with beauty and commitment to excellence.

Russia, Yekaterinburg

The Ural is one of the most beautiful regions among Russia and Yekaterinburg is one of the most beautiful, large and developed cities in the region. To get acquainted with the severe Ural beauty, to shine with all the facets of your talent in one of the best scenes of the city, to find with like-minded persons - every participant our festival will have this ability!