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Russia, Suzdal

Suzdal is a legendary city with a rich history, a town-reserve and part of the Golden Ring of Russia. This is one of the few cities with preserved samples of Russian architecture. The Old Town is literally permeated with the spirit of the past; its land keeps a distant echo of the life of Rusichs. Perhaps that is why the city is one of the most cinematic of Russian cities. Its streets, the dome, the monastic cloisters and streets with old houses and massive gates are seen in a variety of films such as "Tsar", "Ballad of a Soldier", "The Living and the Dead".

Russia, Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl - the main city in the group of Golden ring of Russia. More than 1000 years it's cathedrals shine brightly on the bank of the Volga river. Here you will find unique artifact of ancient russian literature "Slovo o polky Igoreve". Yaroslav is mentioned in the UNESCO list as the city, saved numerous of valuable monuments of previous ages.

Russia, Pushkinskie gory

Mikhaylovskoye – the family estate of Alexandr S. Pushkin, his poetic homeland, the place of the spiritual birth of the poet. We are inviting you to spend a magical day in a unique place, where every participant will be able to breathe fresh air filled with the extraordinary power of the Russian culture. Competitive performances will take place in the Big Concert Hall of the Scientific Cultural center of the State Museum Reserve of A.S. Pushkin “Mikhaylovskoye”. Participation in the International Festival- Contest "WONDROUS MOMENT"- fascinating excursions, educational workshops, creative environment and unforgettable burst of energy.

Russia, Kazan

Kazan - city with more than 1000-year history, taking the two cultures - wize East with love to magic fairy-tales and stories and West, more practical ans straight. It's easy to hear, that Kazan is the city of contrasts, where ancient architecture is in friendly neighbourhood with modern buildings. The most well-known places in Kazan are the Kremlin, the park "Kirlaj", the embankment of the Volga river and many others. Know more about one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - visit Kazan and take part in "Triumph" international contest-festival.

Republic Belorussia, Minsk

The city of wide prospects, peaceful views and the most extra ordinary library invites you to join its beauty and take part in contest-festival "Slavic meetings" - to share the expreience and show the talents in all fields of art! We will be happy to see you and provide the ability to learn something new in friendly atmosphere!

Russia, Moscow

Feel the rythms and beat of the capital - take part in the contest-festival "The mystery of dance"! Show your talants, open your mind to new experience, to new meetings, to new cultural exchange. Attend master-classes, visit most interesting sightseeing of the capital of our country during the city-tour as the part of cultural program of our program!

Russia, Yalta

Yalta - one of the most beautiful cities of Crimea, situated in picturesque place between mountains and sea. This city is full of sights - Armenian church, house-museum of russian writer A. Chekhov, The palace of Bukhar emir, philarmony and many others. We invite you to take part in our contest-festival and see with your own eyes all the beauty of Crimea!

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

For four days in one of the best concert halls in the city, located in a picturesque location with stunning views of the Neva River, the festival "The celebration of childhood". Participants of the festival get to experience an extravaganza of music, song, dance and many other art forms woven into one holiday pattern – an artistic decoration of the city. Over the years, the festival has become an important event in the cultural life of the northern capital. The banks of the Neva River attract contestants from all over Russia and nearby countries. The number of participants is growing every year. "The celebration of Childhood" - this is the joy of fireworks which illuminates the city on the Neva River.